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around here. >> reporter: they are splashing around enjoying life just like joey did. in fairfax county, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> what an incredible story. the news keeps coming. here's laura now in for brian bolter on the news edge at 11:00. the news edge is staying on top of breaking news in hyattsville, maryland. a crowded shopping plaza now a crime scene after i deading are stabbing. one person -- after a deadly stabbing. one person is dead and two others hurt tonight. fox 5's wisdom martin is live on the scene. >> reporter: this is still under investigation, but i have talked to some of the management and business owners in this property. they say this is a popular hangout for young people. tonight this popular hangout turned violent. according to several witnesses there were several groups of young people hanging out in this area. at some point the witnesses say one group of yuck people started to fight with another -- young people started to fight with another group. that turned into several fights and then turned into a massive brawl with 25 to 30 kids. >> a whole group of people came
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running out from there and somebody was on the ground. i don't know who the guy is. one of them was getting stabbed. >> it's terrible how these young kids cannot enjoy theirself, come out and see the world like we used to see it because of all this violence and this anger these young kids have in their heart these days. >> reporter: tonight you can see investigators are still here on the scene gathering evidence. they've been here several hours. at this point no one knows what led to the big brawl. >> i know it's early, but is there any word of any arrests or suspects they're looking for? >> reporter: at this point investigators are still working on the scene here. they have not released any information about any suspects or any arrests at this point. >> wisdom martin, thanks very much. another big story right now, an armored car heist erupted in gunfire leaving a suspected robber dead. when the man pulled the gun on the truck's guards in a busy shopping center in northeast d.c., the guards were ready for
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him. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: bill schultz and his son liam had just left the bank and entered the convenience store when they heard the gunfire from the parking lot. >> we heard seven or eight pop, pop, pop, and it was strange. people looked around in the store like what's that, someone lighting off fireworks early and we looked out. there were two what looked like guards, you know, armored car guards, guns drawn on either side of the truck and there was a person on the ground motionless. >> reporter: it's unclear if both guards opened fire. police say they recovered one gun. a magazine from a semiautomatic weapon could be seen on the sidewalk in front of the bank as well as a cap the gunman may have worn. police say the guards werous defensive as soon as they left the truck. >> -- were on the defensive as soon as they left the truck.
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police questioned the armored car guards, took her guns part of the role cot. witnesses say one man -- protocol. witnesses say one man got away in a gold cadillac. no money was stolen. detectives asked the guards to show them exactly what happened. police requested we not show their faces. one witness described the chaotic scene after the gunfire. >> the guard was really freaked out. you could tell he was hysterical. >> there was a little hysteria here at first. didn't know what to think. then i felt bad for the officers most of all. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman had been hanging around the mini mall for a while before the attempted robbery. some of them said he looked suspicious. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> police say they don't know the identity of the gunman. they'll get his fingerprints and hope to find out his name. investigators are looking at surveillance footage accident also. new tonight a solemn
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gathering to remember the innocent victim killed near the caribbean festival this weekend. the crowd in the northwest d.c. neighborhood called for an end to the recent wave of violence. police say a local turf war led to the gun fire in a crowd of people saturday afternoon. four people were shot in all. robert foster jr. died from his injuries. mayor vincent gray was at the carnival when the shooting happened. >> on saturday i was out here in the immediate aftermath. i spent about an hour and a half to two hours just going door to door talking to the neighbors to see how they felt, what concerns they had. >> you could have a strong police presence, but it's also important to get neighbors involved in crime prevention. when people come together, good things happen. >> police do say foster was an innocent victim caught in the middle of a gunbattle. the suspect,er that jimenez, now faces second degree he -- terry jimenez, now faces second degree murder charges. councilwoman leslie johnson pleaded guilty today to
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evidence and witness tampering to her role in a corruption scheme. both leslie and her husband jack johnson are very likely headed to prison. >> reporter: when fbi agents were knocking at leslie johnson's door in november, she now admits she flushed away a $100,000 developer's check and stuffed nearly $80,000 in cash in her bra and underwear. leslie johnson says that was a mistake. >> i only asked not to be defined by this mistake, but by the countless days, months and years i have devoted to serving our community and doing good deeds. >> reporter: leslie johnson told reporters she looks forward to continuing to serve apparently on the county council until her sentencing in october. both leslie and her husband jack johnson have now pleaded guilty to corruption charges connected to what prosecutors say was an eight-year scheme to collect money for influence with the county government.
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jack johnson was the highest officeholder in p.g. >> evidence that has been presented in court in this case demonstrates that jack johnson and leslie johnson are guilty of a disgraceful abuse of the trust placed in them by the citizens of prince george's county. >> reporter: should leslie johnson resign from the county council before her sentencing in october? we put that question to voters in the michelville area, her district. >> if i were her, i think i would. >> reporter: you would step down? >> i think i would. >> reporter: among voters leslie johnson has her defenders. should she stay on the council? >> i don't see why not. why not? she didn't do anything against the council. >> because the next person that gets on this shouldn't do it. >> reporter: the current county executive rushern baker is now calling on leslie johnson to resign her county council seat. sentencing guidelines for the conspiracy conviction call for a prison term of 12 to 18 months for leslie johnson. she f she goes to prison -- if
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she goes to prison, she automatically loses her council seat. there would be a special election. her sentencing is scheduled for october. john henrehan, fox 5 news. the news edge following breaking news out of new york tonight. former imf leader dominic strauss-kahn's bail will be relewissed because of problems with his accuser's credibility. the hotel employee accused him of trying to rape her last month, it's reported the entire case may collapsed because investigators believe the accuser lied. strauss-kahn is under house arrest in a manhattan townhouse. no joke is here, stephen colbert now has power to make a big impact on next year's election. up next we'll explain the victory the comedian scored on capitol hill today. and check out some of the other stories in our rundown tonight. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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mr. colbert comes to washington to make a point about campaign finance regulation. today comedian stephen colbert won approval from the federal election commission to start his own political action committee. the colbert super pac will allow the tv host to raise unlimited cash from conformations and individuals. the recent supreme court ruling allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections. >> some people have cynically asked if this some kind of joke? i for one don't think that participating in democracy is a joke. i don't think that wanting to know what the rules are is a joke. >> the cash will be used to support or oppose candidates in
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the 2012 elections. the commission also said colbert can use his tv show's resources to boost his pac but he has to disclose some of the major expenses as contributions from the show's corporate owners. a zero tolerance law is about to go into effect in virginia. shawn yancy has that and more on your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight you might be surprised to hear d.c. drivers are on board with red light cameras. no. 5, a new study by the insurance institute for highway safety found 78% of d.c. area drivers support red light cameras. the reason? well, drivers think they stop people from running reds and preventing crashes at intersections. no. 4, diet soda may not be helping your diet, after all. in fact, it can expand your waistline. a university of texas of san antonio study found people who drink two or more diet sodas a day saw their waistlines expand by 2 inches over 10 years. no. 3, you can now charge your electric car at union station.
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the parking garage installed several charging stations. it is the fourth public ez charging facility in the d.c. area. you can pay with a charging pass, credit card or your iphone app. no. 2, holiday cookout will be sweated over this 4th of july. americans are spending 12% more than last year. the data shows the average u.s. adult will spend a little more than $61. people are expected to spend the most money on charcoal. cookout. no. 1 tonight, virginia's zero tolerance policy goes into effect tomorrow. anyone 21 or younger caught driving while intoxicated will have their license suspended for six months and receive a fine of up to $500. by the way, 543 young people between 5 and 19 were hurt in alcohol-related crashes in virginia last year. laura, that's tonight's fox 5 top five. coming up next it's a smash video game hit that's sweeping the nation, now a bookstore hoping to cash in on angry
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birds as a unique deal. will it help save the struggling business? but first check out the atm receipts gone viral. the balance is just shy of $100 million? that would be nice. it was found in an atm in the hamptons. it's claimed the account belongs to a hedge fund manager, although he denies it. whoever it is there was still a $2.75 fee for withdrawing 400 bucks. 
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the world's best selling online game is launching into the real world. angry birds developers are partnering with retail stores to offer players exclusive game features and as fox 5 money reporter melanie alnwick explains, these little birds are a big business. >> reporter: the mobile game angry birds is unquestionably a smash hit. how often do you play it? >> every day pretty much day and night. >> reporter: 250 million downloads in less than two years, players on touchscreen devices pull back different birds, then launch them to knock down green pigs who have stolen their eggs. this is why the birds are angry. and it's not as easy as you think. >> trying to hit the objects to
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get at the pig so they'll die. >> reporter: now players who have angry birds on a colored nook, the barnes & noble branded e reader, can walk into a store to unlock the mighty eagle, a character that will exact ultimate revenge on those green meanies and get players to the next level. >> that's pretty cool. i got in there, pretty cool. >> reporter: it's no secret that the big brick and mortar bookstores are sders is gone. barnes & noble has tied its future to the e reader revolution with the nook and is having some success. >> people who look at the nook just to play angry birds, it's sort of a big deal. >> reporter: but the sales of physical books in the chain's 705 stores continues to decline. linking up with a global sensation like angry birds is a way to bring more traffic and potentially more customers into the stores.
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>> now there are even more reasons to come into the store, more reasons to stop by and have a little fun while you're here. >> reporter: game creator rovio is capitalizing on its popularity with movie tie-ins, merchandise and more saying combining virtual world with its magic features is a way to keep fans engaged and maybe some of that magic will rub off on the retailers. now the magic only lasts as long as the person is physically in the store. developer rovio says not every place this the world will eventually become magic, but there will be more locations that work with more devices to follow. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> well, today was the kind of way you could sit in the weather center and play angry birds all day long. >> i swear i didn't do that. i don't have that on my phone, but i have been guilty of
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playing angry birds. >> my 3-year-old downloaded it. >> have you played it? >> no, i haven't. >> it really is fun. >> i'm busy taking care of my 3- year-old. >> it will get better as they get older. you will have plenty of time to play angry birds and they'll show you all the tricks. that's what my 7-year-old does for me. right now it's a beautiful evening, a few clouds coming across and as the sun was setting they were so, so nice. daytime temperatures out at dulles and bwi right in there in the middle 80s, 86 degrees, not bad, warmer for reagan. whenever we get this westerly, northwesterly and even northerly wind, reagan seems to be a little warmer than everybody else. i'm just saying. in term where we'll be tomorrow, sunny, a little warmer than today for everybody. i think we'll be touching 90 degrees here in the city and in the surrounding communities, surrounding neighborhoods probably in the upper 80s and possibly a few lower 90s. here is the next three days.
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90 degrees tomorrow, lots of sunshine, too. saturday is looking pretty good and actually lowered the temperature of saturday a bit down 93 and back up to 95 on sunday and it looks like the weekend is going to be hot, not so muggy saturday, but fairly muggy sunday. so this 95 sunday may actually feel more like 97 to 100 degrees when you factor in the heat. we will have scattered late day and evening thunderstorms. big forecast here for the 4th of july, we have a couple little situations here. one of them is how far is the frontal system going to get because if it hangs up right around here? we'll be a little warmer and we'll have a better chance of a few scattered thunderstorms. it pushes farther south, we'll be dry and these temperatures may be a little bit cooler, but right now i'm going lower to mid-90s and at least a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm, but even in the worst case scenario it does not look like it's going to be a washout or cause any major problems for your outdoor
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plans. 79 in the city now, gaithersburg continuing to drop 64, frederick cool, too and i think easily in the suburbs tonight we'll have upper 50s. fredericksburg is down to 68 degrees. speaking of 608, i think that's where we are tonight in town, mainly clear skies. we've had a few clouds pass overhead, but they're moving on and the winds will be light. you have the light winds and clear skies. that will allow for temperatures to get down to the 50s in the neighborhood. lots of sun to start tomorrow morning, 72. warm at lunchtime, 85 degrees and high temperatures again tomorrow, upper 80s and lower 90s. here's your beach forecast. looking real nice. along the shore this weekend we're talking best chance for any rain or thunderstorms will be sunday. water temperature has come up a little to 74 degrees and it takes you all the way up to cape manny manny, mainly in the 80s -- cape maine, mainly in
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the 80s for the holiday weekend. it will remain week. stay with us. ng the edge will continue.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. the nba will officially lock out its players at midnight tonight and former wizards forward and current cavalier antwon jamison says it will go
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one of two ways. jamison who stumbled into a lockout as a rookie in '98 said the dispute will be settled with no games miss or they'll miss an entire season. here's what the commissioner had to say. >> i think our fans will tend to have a negative view of why can't you guys work this thing out? we would just like to have our basketball and all that goes with it. so i don't expect anything good to come out of this. this is just what happens in labor disputes when there are lockouts and strikes. >> he is depressed. the washington nationals return to nats park tomorrow when they begin an 11-game homestand with the pirates. yesterday in anaheim they were looking for win no. 1 on new manager davey johnson and they're still looking for win no. 1 under manager davey johnson. nats were shut out 1-0 by the angels losing for the third straight time since johnson took over. tonight at this charity event at nats park we asked ryan zimmerman why the team has lost three straight since johnson
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came aboard. >> just some tough games. i think we played a little sloppy two of those games out in anaheim and it will be good to be home for a nice long homestand before the all-star break. if we have a good homestand here, we're .500 at the all- star break, have a good 2nd half and let some fun stuff happen. o's hosting the cards and they were good hosts. st. louis raced out to an 8-0 lead. brian mathis giving up all eight of those runs. birds made a game of it evidenced by roberto's sensational defensive jam here. the double not nearly enough. birds lose again 9-6. wimbledon semifinals today maria sharapova rooted on by her fiance having little trouble defeating her opponent.
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sharapova will take on petra in the finals looking for her second wimbledon trophy. dc united has a new player, rosario, 41 years old, a four time mls cup winner and claimed the mvp award on two separate occasions. coach ben olson happy with the move, but let's say cautious with his words. >> i don't want to put unfair expectations on him. he just got off the flight. we're still a young group, you know, in soccer. one guy can't change a team that much. he can certainly help in a lot of ways. >> i embrace the pressure. i like pressure. i think every player in this team, if we want to be successful, should find pressure from themself first, you know, and that's how you be successful. you want to push yourself to be better every game and every year you want to improve and i'm coming here not to fill a
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spot, but to be successful. >> he's very good. he will help them be better and it's a good move by d.c. ute. i'm dave feldman. have a great night -- united. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. the news edge will be right back.
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70, it looks like a pretty good friday, temperature of 90 degrees, humidity doesn't come back till sunday, though. we're going to take the edge off now with an uua

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